This story is about the incredible strength and contradictions within the women of my grandmother's generation, with their unique cultural code
I can tell it the way I know how, through my creativity, with the help of photography, but in a modern context. And I am grateful that I had the opportunity to create with talented people, whose vision was also added to this story and turned out to create a synergy of the image.
...the generation of our grandmothers demonstrates the strength of character, endurance, and self-control. Resistance to the blows of the fate of these patient women was combined with natural beauty and the desire to remain loving and gentle keepers of the hearth.
Our time dictates new forms of manifestation of such endurance. At the same time, beauty and tenderness are subtly intertwined with great willpower and spirit behind the screen of the unsaid. This is a story about how pain turns into love with such forces 
the shooting was in 2020 - 2021 



Photo - Daria Ganihina
Photo assistant - Kirill Kachulin

Style - Marie Kolosova
Style assist - Alina Salimova, Habib

Models - Poli K (MilaModels), Ira Nikolaeva (avant models agency), Anna Pavlova (ModusVivendis), Veronika Rusakova (Vproject)

Beauty - Anna Merkusheva, Ernest Muntaniol, Tatiana Preobrazgenskaya, Dima Grinko

Thank you all of you

I love you